What are the requirements for the one year Thai visa?

The rules vary depending on your nationality and current location, contact us with your information so that we can advise you the best route to take.

How do I apply for a Thai Visa using your service?

You can purchase all our services using cash or bank transfer. We accept credit cards if you come to our office.

What happens after I purchase your one-year Thai visa service?

Upon purchasing the service, we will send you a confirmation by email usually within 24 hours, together with a questionnaire which you need to complete and send back to us. We will then prepare your Thai visa application form and prepare other supporting documents and we will send them to you, with the guidelines on how and where to send your application and passport.

Where do I send my passport for the Thai visa?

We work with Thai Embassies and consulates, depending on where you are located and which embassy or consulate can process your application.

Is it safe to send my passport via mail or post?

Subject to local regulations and requirements allowing you to submit your passport by post, we recommend that you use a reputable courier service such as FedEx, DHL or TNT, and make sure that you take note of the tracking number so you can always follow it up online.

How long is the one year Thai visa application process going to take?

Upon receiving your application, the Thai Embassy will normally be able to issue your Thai visa within five business days. We recommend starting your Thai visa process at least 30 days in advance to avoid any logistical problems.

What happens if I do not hear back from you?

You can contact our office or request an update online on the website, 24 hours a day. There  may be times where there is a public holiday which causes a delay however you can contact our office or as mentioned :

  • Bangkok +66-2-631-1671

or send an email to us at

Will this Thai visa application be successful? Is it guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee an approval of your Thai visa as it is the sole decision of the embassy or consulate staff to process your application. We have never had any of our client’s Thai visas being denied or a one year visa Thailand in our years of doing Thai Visa & Immigration services.

For how long is the Thai visa valid? Until when am I allowed to enter Thailand after I obtain the Thai visa?

Upon receiving the Thai visa, you are required to enter Thailand within 6 months, or your Thai visa will expire. By the time you enter Thailand that is when the one year will start. So you are approved and receive your Thai visa on the 1st of June, you have to fly to Thailand by the 1st of December. Then if you arrive in Thailand let’s say, the 30th of November, your one year visa will be up by the 30th of November the next year.

Is it possible to get a longer stay in Thailand on my one year Thai visa?

You will be able to extend it for a further 90 days – making your 12 month Thai visa a 15 month Thai visa. If you leave the country a few days before the visa expires (the Immigration checkpoint will give you an additional 90 days stamp upon re-entry prior to expiration)

Can I renew my one year Thai visa once it is has expired?

No, you will need to make a new visa application for another Thai visa.

Can I apply for this same type of Thai visa inside Thailand?

No. You have to be in your home country when you apply for this specific type of Thai visa.

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