How do I qualify for a Thai Retirement Visa?

You have to be 50 years old and above, and should meet the financial requirement of:

  • THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account or
  • THB 65,000 pension or
  • combination of both

NOTE: Currently there is a lot of confusion regarding the regulations for Retirement Visa applications as different immigration offices are implementing the rules differently. If you require assistance, contact us.

Can I use my savings in a US or UK bank account for my Thai retirement visa?

No, the money has to be deposited in a Thai bank account for the Thai visa.

How long should the money be in the bank before I can apply for a retirement visa?

The money has to be deposited in the bank at least 2 months prior to your Thai retirement visa application.

We are a couple over 55 years old who are planning to stay in Thailand on a Thai Retirement Visa. Would that mean we need to present a total of THB 1.6 million a year?

That is correct. Both of you have to present a bank account of THB 800,000 each. But for couples where one is below 50, what you can do is file for a retirement visa for the one who is above 50, and then file for a dependent visa for the one who is below 50. This way, you only need to present THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account.

Can I apply for the Thai retirement visa outside Thailand?

Yes. You can start the Thai retirement visa process outside Thailand. We first obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa for you which is valid for three months while you are in your home country. Upon arriving in Thailand, you need to open a bank account first and then deposit the required amount. After 3-months we will then convert that visa to a One Year Thai Retirement Visa.

How will you help me obtain this Thai visa?

Once you have completed the financial side (savings in your Thai Bank). We have to present it to the immigration office, we will accompany you to Thai immigration in the province you are staying and help you convert the non immigrant visa to a Retirement Visa. Please also note that Thai immigration will only accept your retirement visa application if your non immigrant visa has at least 30 days remaining before expiration.

How would I go about renewing my Thai retirement visa?

Be mindful about the expiration date of your Thai retirement visa written in your passport. You must renew your Thai visa at Thai Immigration approximately 2 weeks before the expiration date.

I have a retirement visa and I will be working in a Thai limited company. Do I need to cancel my retirement visa and proceed with work permit instead?

It is however better if you cancel your retirement visa so that you can proceed with the appropriate Thai visa which is a Non B business visa which usually comes along with the Thai work permit.

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