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Thai Marriage Visa FAQs





[accordion][accordion_tab title=’How do I qualify for a Thai Marriage Visa?’]
To get a Married Visa Thailand, you have to be married to a Thai national, and you must meet the monthly income requirement of at least THB 40,000.
[accordion_tab title=’I do not have an income but my Thai spouse does. Will I still qualify for a Thai Marriage Visa?’]
Yes, as long as your Thai spouse’s income is THB 40,000 and above. This financial requirement for the Thai married visa is your combined monthly income so it is okay if it comes from either or the both of you. She would however need to show her income tax documents to prove that she earns the said amount of money.
[accordion_tab title=’I do not have an income in Thailand, but I do have in my home country. Can I use that for the Thai Marriage Visa?’]
We need to obtain proof of that income and have it certified at your embassy. Once your embassy has approved the source of your income, they will issue a letter or certification which you can use to apply for a fiance visa Thailand.
[accordion_tab title=’I do not have an income but I have savings in a foreign bank account. Can I use for a Thai Marriage Visa?’]
Normally, savings account will not work as the requirement is a monthly income.
[accordion_tab title=’How do I apply for this Thai visa outside of Thailand?’]
First, we help you apply for an “O” visa valid for 90 days in your home country and then upon arriving here, we will extend that visa to a One Year Thai Marriage Visa.
[accordion_tab title=’How long does it take to process the Thai Marriage Visa?’]
On average, it takes 1 week for the first step (90 day non-immigrant Thai visa in your home country). The second step to extend it for one year in Thailand which will normally require two visits to the Thai Immigration office.
[accordion_tab title=’How will Premier Thai Lawyershelp me obtain the Thai visa?’]
Once you have already prepared the financial evidence (the monthly income of 40,000 baht) for presenting to Thai immigration, we will accompany you to Thai immigration in the province you are staying in and help you extend the non immigrant visa to a One Year Marriage Visa. Please also note that the immigration will only accept your Thai marriage visa application when your non immigrant visa has at least 30 days still remaining before expiration.
[accordion_tab title=’What are the documents needed to extend my Thai Marriage Visa?’]
An extension of stay will not be issued without interview/signatures from your spouse. Home register (blue book with her name) and copies are also required. Copies of all passport used pages should be provided and the departure card. If ir is your first application (or not provided before), bring photos of the two of you together at home with clothing in your closet and photos of the two of your together in front of your house with the house number visible. They would also want a hand drawn map to the house. Bank account/bank letter required if using Embassy letter may be required. Also bring your TM. 7 form (arrival/departure card), 1,900 baht fee, 4x6cm photo taken within the last six months.


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