Non-Immigrant B – Business Visa Thailand

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Non-Immigrant B – Business Visa Thailand

The Non-Immigrant “B” type visa is the mainstream business visa Thailand based foreigners use to obtain their work permit. This visa type provides:

  • Allows single or multiple entries into Thailand – permission determined by Thai Immigration
  • Valid for use for a period of one calendar year *
  • Used to obtain work permit for Thailand, if needed
  • Holder is able to open bank account in Thailand

* Must report current address to Thai Immigration Police every 90 days.

As this type of visa is used as the foundation for acquiring a Work Permit, paying taxes, and maintaining an ongoing record with the Thai authorities, this type of visa requires specific documentation to be submitted in the proscribed manner in Thai language. Trust Premier Thai Lawyers to handle this important process for you. We can help you in your business visa for Thailand application, with our perfect knowledge of thai visa requirement.





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