Non-Immigrant O – Marriage Visa Thailand

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Non-Immigrant O – Marriage Visa Thailand

A specific Marriage Visa for Thailand is available for foreigners who wish to enter Thailand to marry either another foreign national or a Thai national. If the marriage is between a foreigner and a Thai, the foreigner will be afforded certain privileges, such as being able to open a bank account.
In addition to the passport and visa, there are certain documents that are required for the foreigner(s) to present. This will include an Embassy-notarized document translated into Thai of the declaration that the foreigner(s) is single and free to marry, along with documents to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the registration of the marriage at the local District Office, and proof of funds if the foreigner(s) intend to reside in Thailand.
If you are planning to travel to Thailand to get married, or if you are already here and are planning to “Thai the knot” and are considering changing to an “O” Marriage Visa for Thailand, the process and procedures must be handled correctly. Trust Premier Thai Lawyers to handle this important matter for you. We can help you in your marriage visa application, with our perfect knowledge of thai visa requirement.





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